Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MJ/Sonny at Halloween, for Julia

"I will not."

Sonny's lips twisted and he held out the costume again. "Please? For me?"

MJ arched one eyebrow and considered how many bullet holes he could put in that big, fine body before the man bled out. "Not a chance."

"Now, Precious." It didn't escape MJ's notice that Sonny put himself between MJ and the bedside table. Like there wasn't a Glock in between mattress and box spring, right under his right thigh. They were on land, after all, and that was always problematic. "You don't have to wear it out. I just want to see you in it."

"You're a sick fuck, Sunshine."

"What? It's not a ninja or the Unibomber."

"It's a harem girl. Bells and gauze and shit. There's probably a bra." MJ was considering being insulted, really.

"No." Sonny's voice went low, deep. "No bra. Just see through and soft. Loose. Good for yoga."

"And the bells?"

Sonny grinned, slow and lazy. "Ding a ling, Precious." 

MJ rolled his eyes, but took the costume. "And what are you going to be, redneck?"

"Same thing I am every year."

MJ eased his jeans off. "My motherfucking hero?"

"Such a smart man, Precious. Now, put on the see-through pants and say trick or treat."


MJ and Sonny are the stars of the Road Trip series. :D