Friday, November 16, 2012

Mating Call: Thanksgiving

Steph stared at the bowl. Was it sage she needed? 

Protective, cleansing, the herb was a lovely purifier, helped with financial questions. Hell, it could even work for the evil eye, but was that what she needed here?

This mixture was important, too important to mess up because she wasn't balanced. 

She sniffed again.

Garlic? It was another protector -- more fire than earth, a Mars-based herb...

She chewed on her bottom lip, worrying. 

Garlic? Sage? Salt? 

She stirred again. Salt could be so overpowering, though.

Warm hands landed on her hips, Jordan solid as a rock behind her. "Smells good." 

It was her Shaw, though, that bounced in, all puppyish enthusiasm, and scooped up a fingerful, popped it in his mouth. "Mmm. Perfect."

"You think so? It's okay?"

"Lovely witch." Jordan nuzzled her jaw. "It's not a big deal."

"It's my first Thanksgiving with the pack," she argued.

"It's going to be cornbread dressing. Put it in the oven!" Jordan leaned over, licked her lips, then bounced out again.

Goddess, those boys...

Jordan patted her ass. "Oven. Then come snuggle. We need you."

She grabbed her baking dish and a spoon. Oven. Right. 

Time to cook.


Mating Call is releasing next week from Ellora's Cave. :D


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