Sunday, December 9, 2012

Frosty Fiction: Seb and Markus

“You want to do a Christmas album someday, Candy?” Seb pulled his guitar off the stand, coming to the soft, comfortable couch they wrote from.

“I never say never, baby, but we’d have to be in the studio in fucking June with it.” Markus shrugged. “I never loved that.”

“I like carols, though.”

Markus grinned at him, eyes warm, sweet, like a fucking drug, and Sebastian warmed, balls deep. “What’s your favorite?”

“I love O Holy Night. You?” 

All I Want for Christmas is You.” Markus started singing away, almost bellering it. Jackass. Beautiful, musical son of a bitch.

Sebastian smiled, he had to because he knew Markus. The man meant it, playing around or not. “You want to pick some?”

“More than breathing.” 

He nodded. Santa couldn’t bring him anything he needed more. He had Markus and music, everything a Cajun needed. 

Except for etoufee.

Oh, he wondered if he could hire Jean-Jacques to fly down to make some. Maybe Eduardo would know someone local...

“Baby? You got smoke coming out of your ears.”

“I want etoufee for Christmas dinner. Etoufee and pralines. Can we make that happen?”

Markus hooted for him. “Baby, you leave it to Santa. It will happen.”

It was good to be him. 

Damned good.

“All right then.” He strummed the melody they’d been working on the night before, picking the complicated line. Then Markus’ harmony joined him, sweet as spun sugar and they were off, making music.


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